Fahredin Shehu - Literary
He was born in Rahovec in southwest of Kosovo in 1972. Graduated at the University of Prishtina, Oriental Studies. Promoted Professor of Oriental Sciences. Continues postgraduate studies in the literature. 
He deals actively with calligraphy discovering new mediums and techniques for this specific type of visual art. 
Writes aesthetic views about visual art. 
He is an expert of transcendental literature and researcher of world spiritual heritage. 
In the last ten years he has functioned as an Independent Scientific Researcher in the field of 
World Spiritual Heritage and Sacral Aesthetic.
Author of many scientific literary works. He is chosen in many academic articles and commentaries as well as participant in many exhibitions, seminars, conferences, symposia inside and abroad.
The author's books are translated into many world languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Hebrew, Swedish, Romanian, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Macedonian, Turkish, Roma languages, Persian, Mongolian, Chinese, Sicilian language, Friziane, Maltese 
Ambassador of Albanian poets from the Movement "Poetas del Mundo", Santiago de Chile
Fahredin Shehu is also a member of the World Association of Poets, Greece 
Member of PEN Centre of Kosovo 
Member of the Sports Council, Book and Publications at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Science. 
 At International Research Institute "Naim Frasheri" he  has given its contribution and support as an ideolog in the establishment of the Institute and deserves his position as Chairman which was given to him unanimously by members of the council.
E-mail: fahredin.shehu@gmail.com
Prof. BEDRI BALA (Historian)

Born in 1977 in Mitrovica.

He has graduated the Faculty of Philosophy-History Department at the University of Prishtina. He has also completed master degree in Contemporary History at the University of Prishtina.

Works as a teacher in high school.

At the International Research Institute "Naimi Frasheri" he has the position of Secretary.


E-mail bedribala@hotmail.com

Mr. IRIS ROBAJ (Farmacist)
Iris Robaj was born in 1974 in Shkodër Albania.
She has graduated at Pharmacy at the university of Tirana, and Franch language and literature at the university of Pristina, Faculty of Philology.
For 13 years she works as a pharmacist and as a translator.  
At the Internation Research Institute "Naim Frasheri" she is deputy director at the Department for Public Health.
Prof. JETMIR ÇELA (Orientalist)


My objective is to be successful in this life and Hereafter, to obtain God’s satisfaction and to be honest with everyone and wherever I am.


Al Az’har – Lebanon    Beqaa, Lebanon                                             

Secondary diploma

General Islamic secondary school        

Islamic Call College       Beirut, Lebanon

Master degree

Tafsir and ‘Ulum al Qur’an (Qur’anic Sciences and Commentation)


Translating and editing, in cooperation with “The Qur’an Foundation” in Tirana.

Also, I participate in several national and international conferences, competitions and seminars in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Croatia, Lebanon, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, etc.
Position in IRI “Naim Frashëri” : Director of Department of Publications

E-mail: jetmircela@hotmail.com;           celajet@gmail.com

Born in 1967 in Prizren. In 1986 she graduated at the Madrasa "Alaudin" in Pristina. She is the first female student to graduate in a Madrasah in Kosovo since the establishment of it. After finishing school she worked as religious teacher at some mosques in Prizren where she has held lectures for women. Beside giving lectures to women she also works as a teacher of the Quran since 1986 and until now she has taught more than 1000 students to read the Qoran fluently. It is worthy to mention that a large group of them have continued Islamic studies.
She has finished studies at the Faculty of Philology in Pristina branch "General Comparative Literature." Her great desire of studying literature has made to continue studies at the same faculty in "Albanian Literature" and now pursuing a graduate degree, Master in "International Relations"
Iqballe B. Huduti is the author of several articles and books in the field of religious studies and literature. These scientific papers have been published in newspapers and journals in Kosovo and abroad. Also, she is the translator of several articles and books from Serbo-Croatian to Albanian language.
She has participated in many activities, workshops, and symposia, both as a listener and lecturer inside and outside Kosovo. Her Lessons and research interests include the: Islamic studies (Quranic studies, Islamic mysticism, philosophy and theology.), comparative literature, poetry, and international communication.
Since the year 2000 she is a chairmwoman at Cultural and Educational Organization NISA.
She is the editor in chief at the magazine Vlera.
Representative of the  Al-Mahdi Institute from Birmingham UK , branch in Kosovo.
At the International Research Institute "Naim Frasheri" she is General Director and one of the founders of the institute.
E-mail: ikballebh@gmail.com
www.ikballebh / blogspot.com
FEHMI MALIQI- (Translator)
Fehmi Maliqi was born in 1966 in Biljača - The municipality of Bujanovac
In the 90's he was in the first ten which began to work hard to fight Milosevic's totalitarian system in the Presevo Valley, being participant and contributor to the formation of the first two Albanian parties.
Immediately after the fall of the Milosevic's regime in 2002 he was one of the first five which have contributed to salvage the justice in the municipality of Bujanovac.
As a technician of organic chemistry, a student at the Faculty of Literature, great lover of the written word and a civil servant with enviable moral ethics.
Fehmi Maliqi operates among the best translators, offering translation services not only to the administration but also to the majority of organizations (governmental and nongovernmental) domestic and international organizations operating in the Western Balkans.
At the International Research Institute "Naim Frasheri" his position is  Deputy Director in the Department of Publications
e-mail: fehmimaliqi@hotmail.com
Muhsin Huduti (Designer)

Muhsin Huduti, born in 1997 in Prizren.

He is a student at Social Educational Centre "Don Bosco" in Pristina

Skills:Computer Programs, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Lightroom, Corel Draw & Photo Paint, Office Pack, Photographer and Friendly on work. 

Working Experience:Printing House Dino Graf - Ferizaj (Graphic Designer), During festivals in Kosovo he works as a volunteer

Still: Designing Magazines, Posters, Brochures & Other stuff for: CEO Nisa - Pristina

Perfume Center Uje Dukati-Prizren, Lond Sandwich - Pristina, DinoGraf (part time job)

At the International Research Institute "Naimi Frasheri" he is a deputy director at Department for Multi-Media


ASLLAN HUDUTI (Businessmen)
Asllan Huduti was born in 1965 in Prizren.
He has graduated at an islamic school Gazi Husrev Beg in Sarajevo. He has worked as a theologian for twenty years in a mosque in Prizren and also in Gernqar village where he has built the mosque.
Besides being an imam he runs a business in Prishtina in real estate agency called "Complete".
His interests are in developing business in accordance with Islamic norms and rising awareness for art, culture and education in general.
Asllan Huduti has established Islamic community " Ahl al-Bayt" and is the president, adviser and partially donator of it. Whereas in women associations "Kevser" in Prizren he was the main donator who had supported the entire program both morally and financially.
He knows several languages, and is also a sympathetic to Persian poems. 
At the International Research Institute "Naim Frasheri" his position is  Deputy Director in the Department of Ecology and Environment.
E-mail: completeks@gmail.com
Ardiana Hyseni Ismaili was born on 19/12/1980 in Presevo. 
She has graduated in the Faculty of Albanian language and literature in Pristina. Writes articles, journalistic publications and translations. 
She has Worked as a pollster and then as a leading group of Pristina in Strategic Puls. 
Now she works as an editor in the magazine Vlera. 
She is an assistant in the  International Research Institute "Naim Frasheri" and also the deputy director at the Department for Social Development
Born in Vushtrrri 1980
lives in Mitrovica
It works in the family business
Married mother of 2 children
Position: Coordinator at the Department of Publications
VLORA SHALLCI (Translator)
Born in Kaiserslautern, Germany 1993
Student at the University of Prishtina, Department: Primary Program Institute
Coordinator in the Department for Women Issues
Zehra Huduti- (Student)
Born on 20,09.1992, in Prizren. She is student at the faculty of Philology, departament of Orientalistic.
She is also student at University of Qum '' Al-Mustafa''.
She worked as administrator at cultural organization ''Nisa'', worked 4 years as a volunter at youth activity at womens organization 'Kevser''.
She also works as translator from English, Persian and Turkish to Albanian and conversely.
email; zhr.hdt92@gmail.com 
Dashmir Maliqi (Student, sociology)

Dashmir Maliqi was born in 1993 in Biljača-municipality of Bujanovac. After completing secondary education, in the direction of Electro-technical of computers for further academic education chooses the direction of Sociology.

 His opinion is that in this prolonged period of transition, Kosovo and Albanians need an "engineer" to outline the best institutional model and also to cure all problems that transition has caused. Now he is a student of II year at the Faculty of Philosophy, in the direction of Sociology.

His involvement in IRI "Naim Frasheri" is an attempt of his further work. Through this Institute's mission and objectives he will achieve his vision as a future sociologist to give fruits, to apply many ideas which are of social need.

At the International Research Institute "Naimi Frasheri" he is a director of the Department for Social Development.

E-mail: dashmir.maliqi1 @ gmail.com

ERMAL BEGA- (Orientalist)
Born in Tirana - 1978
A graduate of the University of Prishtina, branch: Oriental.
He is the author of several articles in the field of oriental studies and Islamic civilization, published in newspapers and journals in Albania and abroad; It is also a translator of several articles and books about Orientalism, Oriental literature, etc Islamic civilization.
Occupation: Orientalists
Institute Position: Coordinator at the Department of Education Culture and Art.
Dr. EMINE SHABANI GOXHULI (medicine specialist)

Emine Shabani Goxhuli - was born on 05.26.1977 in the village of Turicec, now she lives in Mitrovica.

She has an undergraduate degree in general medicine at the Public University: Faculty of General Medicine "Mother Teresa" Tirana. Then, since 2003 she was employed as a general practitioner in the emergency department and vice chair of family medicine at: CCFM Skenderaj

. Since 2008 she is a deputy director of family medicine at: CCFM-Skenderaj.

 now she is at  postgraduate studies: specialization in family medicine in UCC-Prishtina. Besides specialization she is also studying health management at the University ILIRIJA.

 From 2003 until 2007, besides her regular job she also worked in the NGO: Center for Protection of Woman and Children "

At the International Research Instiute "Naim Frasheri" she is director in the Department of Public Health

E-mail: minered2002@yahoo.com

Mr. ARBËR BERISHA (theologian)
Arber Berisha was born in 1986 in Bajram Curri city in Tropojë, Albania . 
He has master degree in history, publicist, theologian and expert on archeology. Known for various articles at daily newspapers and monthly magazines, as in: Dituria Islame,  Zgjimi Islam,  Infopress,  Zëri, etc. 
Currently he is Imam at a mosque in Pristina. So far he has published two books. 
At the International Research Institute "Naimi Frasheri" he is Deputy Director at the Department for Religious Affairs.
E-mail: arbër64 @ hotmail com.
Mr. VEHBI GOXHULI (engineer and professor)
Vehbi Goxhuli - Mr.sc. as well as a Ph.D. candidate.
Born on 02/10/1966, lives in Mitrovica. Graduated at the University of Prishtina, Faculty of Geosciences and Technology in Mitrovica in the general direction of Geology.
He has finished his masters in technical sciences in the direction of environmental engineering.
Licensed by MESP, for drafting Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for Economic Operators and Plants that affect air and underground water. Employed mainly since 2002,  at technical high school in the subjects of applied sciences.
So far he has scientific works and public presentations which are published in ALB Science Institute IAS.
Vehbi Goxhuli is representative of SOE "Geo-environment & Geo-Environmental".
In the International Research Institute "Naimi Frasheri" he has the position of director in the Department of Ecology and Environment.
e-mail: vehbigoxhuli@gmail.com
Prof. ARSIM SHALLCI (English teacher)
He was born in Mitrovica in 1985. Graduated at the University of Pristina, English Language and Literature. 
Then he continues postgraduate studies in English language Teaching at South East Europian University in Tetovo, Macedonia. 
Works as an English teacher for 7 years. He also has an experience as a mentor of  English teachers for the region of Mitrovica. 
He is a simultant translator English-Albanian and vice-versa and also translates articles of different topics.
At the International Research Institute "Naimi Frasheri" his position is Deputy Director  in the Department of Art, Culture and Education (DACE) 
E-mail: arsim_sh16@hotmail.com
BESMIR YVEJSI (Theologian)

Besmir Yvejsi, born in 1985 in Gjakova

Finished High School of madrasa "Alaud-din" in Pristina.

He has graduated at the Faculty of Islamic Studies, Pristina, and now his profession is theologian.

Writes poetry and is a linguistic editor.

He has published some writings with religious, philosophical, scientific and educational content for the magazine "Zgjimi Islam"


At the International Research Institute "Naimi Frasheri" he is Director at the Department for Religious Affairs.


E-mail: b3s1.3cs@gmail.com