History 17.06.2014 | 13:16
On 22 February 2014 , in the environment of the restaurant " Gizzi " in Pristina , with the initiative of a group of scholars , was held the first meeting for the establishment of the institute " Naim Frasheri" , hoping for a better change in our society . The Institute was founded by men of science, who have the will and expertise in various scientific fields, with an aim of contributing in those fields of science and knowledge and also for doing something important in our society. 
The first meeting was just a social and informational meeting with the idea of opening of this institute, we introduced to each-other and expressed our opinions by asking questions which then prompted us to talk, give opinions, consult and finally take concrete ideas about the formation of the institute.
As a starting point of this conversation for the establishment of the institute were some questions which then made us understand quickly the aim of this mission. For example: what do we want to achieve with this initiative, what is the purpose and what do we expect from this institute etc.. So these were some of the aims of the first meeting which was held with the help of our associates, and also the founders of this institute.
Meanwhile, the second meeting was held on 29 March 2014 in Villa Kevser, where were defined duties and responsibilities of each in this institute. In this meeting members of the institute appointed the founder, the name, the logo and the website of the institute. 
Seven departments were formed, these departments were divided and then directors and deputy directors of each department were appointed.
Partners and founders of the Institute are: 
Fahredin Shehu - Writer
Fehmi Maliqi - Translator
Emine Goxhuli - Specialist of health medicine
Vehbi Goxhuli - Master engineer of technical sciences  
Ikballe Berisha Huduti - theologian, literary 
Arsim Shallci - English teacher
Bedri Bala - Mr. sc. of history 
Jetmir Cela - Mr.sc. Islamic studies, Arabic language  
Arber Berisha - Historian, theologian 
Aslan Huduti - Theologian 
Zehra Huduti- Student, Orientalistic 
Ermal Bega - Orientalist 
Muhsin Huduti-Student 
Iris Robaj - Pharmacists 
Vlora Shallci Pllana - Translator
Ibadete Bala - Manager 
Besmir Yvejsi - Theologian
Dashmir Maliqi - Student of Sociology 
Ardiana Ismaili - Literary