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Telephone cell1: +377 (0) 44 142 038
Telephone cell2: +386 (0) 49 842 111
Address: Str. "Rrustem Statovci", no. 25, Prishtina
In the International Research Institute - "Naim Frasheri” you have the opportunity to consult with the staff of the Institute who are experts in various sciences. Our professional assistance will be free for all, pupils, students, and different researches. Besides intellectual assistance we possibly comfort to stay in our offices using equipment and consumable tools also can use our library which has books on shelves and downloads. For everything you can kontataktoni care experts of all fields by clicking on this link http://iknnf.org/sq/Rrethnesh_themeluesit/Themeluesit-e-IKNNF-s%C3%AB