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Cultural Event
Cultural Event 11.05.2015 | 14:54

                                          Bismilahir- rahmanir-rahim

 ‘’Cultural Event’’

Organized by the International Research Institute "Naim Frashëri’’ .


Object: “National Library ‘’Pjetër Bogdani

 Date: 15.05.2015

Location:  Pristina, Republic of Kosovo  



The International Research Institute in collaboration with its sponsors from London, the "Alulbayt Foundation" and "WABIL" held a series of cultural activities within a richfulle event in Pristina.

The cultural Event announces three valuable promotions:

•The promotion of International Research Institute '"Naim Frasheri' '
•The promotion of the facsimile book of Imam Ali 'Nahj Balaqa' '  and
•The promotion of the book of poetry, "Eja Shpejt(Come Soon)' by author Iqbal Berisha Huduti.

These promotions became much more interesting with the celebration of the great night of Miraj with the choir group "KEWSER" - from the Cultural Educational Organization "NISA" -from Pristina.

The main purpose of these three promotions was to present the facsimile book "Nahj Al-Balagha" wrriten in Arabic to the Albanian society in Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia and Southern Serbia, as well as throughout the entire albanian-speaking world (via the Internet) through the translation of Nahj Al-Balagha in Albanian.

The Secondary purpose was to notify the intellectual class with the work of the International Research Institute "Naim Frashëri" and its missions and goals in order to gain new associates in different areas and expertises that are necessary for our society and beyond.

The third purpose
is a very significant goal, that through the project of promoting the book of poems entitled "Eja Shpejt (Come Soon)" which refers to the coming of Imam Mahdi a.s, we managed to give the message of Islam through word of poetry, from which book, 99 poems were of spiritual-religious, social, patriotic motives and especially the praise of the Islamic authorities-figures such as Prophet Muhammad, Imam Mahdi, Imam Ali, Imam Husayn, Fatima Zahra and many others. Through the mentioning of Ahlul Bayt figures we gave a very strong message that the genealogy of sacrifice for freedom and justice was met with the genealogy of crime and chaos. Hence emerged the great hope and interest for recognizing the great personality of this time that is to come, the Savior of Time Imam Mahdi s.a. This message became even more strongly by the use of the  program motto, which was the religious song "Eja Shpejt (Come Soon)" that gave a famous and beautiful atmosphere to this cultural event. So the poems composed by the author herself and orchestrated by prof. Luan Sula from Tirana.

This cultural event was a response to all the presenters and then to all Albanians around the world through the Internet network, noting that the word of the Ahlul Bayt will dominate on all Muslims to give the light of the knowledge of true Islam. Therefore we believe that this event will further echo to exist in time, hoping to find other resources to organize and support more programs and projects with religious, historical and cultural value.

Also, these gifts will remain as a response and a long-term memory for these important messages:

•  The book of poetry "Eja Shpejt  (Come Soon)", a project of the INI "Naim Frashëri" •  The last 5 editions of the magazine "Vlera" were given out, a magazine funded more than three years now by the World Federation in London, a magazine which teaches Islamic lessons from the school of Ahlul Bayt. So far the magazine has no competitors and has started to dominate in the Albanian-muslim households either through printed materials or tje electronic network of Internet

• Also this event became even richer, because more than 100 Nahj Al-Balagha books were freely distributed in Albanian, and this was gift from the World Headquarters of the Bektashi Order in Tirana, as well as the Quran Foundation in Tirana.

This cultural event was financially supported by the Ahlul Bayt Foundation in London (80%) and the WABIL with the rest of the funding.
We are eternally thankfull to our sponsors and donors in this cultural event, and we appeal to all the ministries, organizations, foundations and charitable people, to support us in our Islamic activities in Kosovo, which should be more frequent and larger. While we as the NISA Organization and "Naim Frashëri" institute are ready to cooperate with all who wish to spread Islam through tolerance, art, wisdom and the idea of unity of all Muslims, valuing the expertise and ideas of local people in Kosovo.

Therefore this love, wisdom, dedication and sacrifice we will unfold through modern European methods that do not conflict with Islamic laws and therefore we seek your help and support as soon as possible, while we become morally and financially strengthened, since we are the first generation of Shi'ias in Albanian lands in the Balkans.


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